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Minneapolis Insurance Law Blog

Minnesota quarry causes local property damage

Property damage is an unfortunate but often inevitable part of owning a home or operating a business. This is why insurance against weather and other damage is one of the main building blocks of a secure responsibility with a property.

A bizarre incident in Minnesota is showcasing a less-common need for reliable property insurance. A quarry in Mankato is having its explosives license suspended for two months in response to an incident in April, in which a strong blast showered a nearby neighborhood with rocks the size of basketballs.

Kanye West seeks payment from concert insurer

When consumers sign an insurance contract, they may not understand the concept of “good faith and fair dealing” but they know that the insurer is supposed to provide benefits in their time of need. This covenant applies in every insurance contract regardless of whether the consumer is a college student buying their first car, or a rap mogul worth millions of dollars.

The rap mogul from this example is Kanye West, who purchased a policy through Lloyd’s of London to cover expenses in the event he was not able to complete his Life of Pablo tour last year. According to several media reports, West has filed suit against the insurer because it has yet to pay benefits stemming from the policy. 

Insurance providers sued by Minnesota over claims disputes

Homes, cars, possessions - insurance is necessary for a safe, secure lifestyle even without considering medical needs. There are dozens of major insurers that offer hundreds of plans in an effort to offer coverage for every situation. At times, these insurers need extra oversight to make sure this coverage is fair.

Minnesota's commerce commissioner recently fined two insurance companies for refusing to pay motor vehicle accident claims for damage caused by drivers they insured. A key state law affected the decision over nearly 50 claims that required readjustment.

Elements of property insurance claims in Minnesota

When it happens, it feels like nothing will ever be the same. Homeowners and other building owners dread the idea that an event beyond their control could damage or destroy their property. Investments, businesses and personal possessions are all at stake in a disaster.

Insurance policies help introduce some relief and predictability into the unpredictable world of real estate ownership. These policies are thankfully dormant most of the time, taking up little thought except to pay the bill.

RSJ Notches ANOTHER Victory for Minnesota Policyholders at the Minnesota Supreme Court

Attorneys Alex Jadin, Tony Smith, and Tim Johnson won another case before the Minnesota Supreme Court in the matter of Poehler v. Cincinnati Insurance Company. This case involved whether a policyholder could recover interest on an insurance appraisal award when an insurance company undervalues a claim.

Material Matching

The summer of 2017 has been filled with severe weather storms across Minnesota.  Thousands of homes have been affected by hail and wind damage.  For those with homeowners insurance policies, one of the most common issues is whether the policy provides coverage for "matching" the existing material (like siding, roofing, windows, etc.) when repairing the storm damage.  For example, whether an insurance company can replace broken pieces of white siding with yellow siding. 


Join me in congratulating Alex and Tim for being named to Super Lawyers "Rising Stars" list for 2017. The Super Lawyers "Rising Stars" list is a rating system for exceptional lawyers who have a high-degree of peer recognition and professional achievement a distinction awarded to only 2.5% of Minnesota attorneys under the age of 40.