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May 2014 Archives

You've suffered a property loss: What do you do now?

It’s probably likely that many people in Minnesota, throughout the Midwest and nationally are somewhat ambivalent about the insurance coverage they possess that contractually covers against loss to their property in the event of a storm or other damage-causing incident.

Storm Season Is Upon Us

The 2013 National Night Out hailstorm is still a vivid memory, and many of us experienced firsthand the major damage it caused our homes and personal possessions.

RSJ Does It Again

Once again, RSJ has helped a townhome association recover interest from an insurance company that failed to pay the fair value of an insurance claim for storm damage.

RSJ Obtains Published Court of Appeals Decision Clarifying Service of Process on a Foreign Insurance Carrier.

Obtaining proper service of process on an out-of-state insurance company is one of the more technical issues involving lawsuits against insurance companies. Service of process is how a lawsuit is commenced, and therefore how a Court obtains jurisdiction over a Defendant. The controlling statute, Minn. Stat. ยง 45.028 requires service upon the insurance company's registered agent, by certified mail. The statute also requires the Plaintiff to send a copy of the service letter (or process) upon the Minnesota Commissioner of Commerce, also by certified mail.

Venerated courthouse burned; insurer accused of bad faith

Connections between Minnesota and Mississippi might not readily come to mind, but here's one: a nearly century-old courthouse in the latter state has suffered severe fire damage, and officials there are accusing a Minnesota-based insurance company of engaging in flat-out bad faith by low balling the claim.