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What do you do when your dream home turns out less than dreamy?

The answer to the question posed in the above headline might be, "Maybe nothing."

Then again, it might be, "Take purposeful action, and now."

On the one hand, there is perhaps not much a disgruntled homeowner in Minnesota or elsewhere in the Midwest can do if it turns out that a property once regarded as peerless is in fact surrounded by less-than-stellar neighbors. Perhaps the nearby school is marked by glaring deficiencies. Maybe you're finding out that the work commute is close to unmanageable.

Under such circumstances, it might be best to simply slap a for-sale sign down in the front yard and literally move on.

On the other hand, though, say your recently built and otherwise dream home is showing signs of concrete damage. Maybe water is seeping in through roof cracks or windows that are obviously not airtight. Insect infestation might have become a horrifying reality. Electrical wiring throughout the home might be faulty.

Those and myriad other problems are far different from a homeowner's regret that there is not a soccer field nearby. They spell clear design or construction defect issues that should be absent in a property.

When they're not, with your cherished home being marred by deficiencies that are undermining your family's quality of life (and costing you money), take action by securing the services of attorneys who focus on protecting the interests of property owners against shoddy workmanship.

Substandard building results can owe to architectural errors. Alternatively, they can result from design or construction flaws.

Whatever the case, homeowners suffering the results have legal remedies to right the wrongs.

At Roeder Smith Jadin, PLLC, we help them do that, with our attorneys commanding hard-earned and extensive experience geared toward protecting the rights of property owners. For information on how we do that, please visit our Midwest Design Defects Claims page online.

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