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OK, the big storm hit: assessing post-storm damage

Minnesotans and other residents throughout the Midwest who proudly own and maintain their homes are by nature a fairly astute group when it comes to safeguarding their properties against weather-related damage. That sagacity necessarily extends to appraisal of damages that do occur when particularly bad weather strikes.

Readers of our blog know well the elements and fallout associated with dire weather events. After all, states across the Midwest region of the country are regularly visited with recurring patterns of hot summers and cold winters that bring storms of a singular -- and often nasty -- nature.

We’re talking tornadoes and floods, of course, as well as hail storms, ridiculously heavy snow falls, lightning strikes and other adverse offerings from nature.

In a perfect world, an insured homeowner can simply sit comfortably in the aftermath of a virulent and damage-yielding storm, knowing with confidence that his or her property insurance company will act with dispatch and accuracy in assessing storm damage and writing out a check to fully cover remedial costs.

Of course, that perfect world is flatly illusory in most instances. In real life, homeowners often confront insurers who lag in their duties, dispute the source and extent of property damage, and sometimes engage in business strategies that clearly mark bad-faith responses to legitimate claims.

An antidote to that potentiality in any given case is for a homeowner to independently chronicle post-storm damage. The National Storm Damage Center offers some helpful tips for doing so, discussing, among other things, roof, siding and window damage caused by wind, rain and hail.

In some instances, a homeowner might find it helpful -- if not flatly necessary -- to enlist the assistance of a proven insurance recovery law firm commanding strong experience dealing with property insurers and damage claims.

The bottom line regarding any insurance policy is getting true value for the premiums being paid. That means full, prompt and good-faith performance by your insurance company.

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