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Community associations: singular issues and considerations

Although it is certainly true that the United States is a country of homeowners, that reality is not readily depicted by detached family houses alone.

Dwellings across the country are highly diverse, especially in cities and their surrounding suburbs.

The Twin Cities area of Minnesota, as well as other urban centers in neighboring states like Wisconsin and Iowa, stand as ready examples of environments where legions of residents have chosen living arrangements that feature dwellings other than “standard” family homes.

As to what constitutes standard these days, townhomes, condominiums and cooperatives must certainly be lumped together with detached houses. What was somewhat of a novelty a few short decades ago has now blossomed into a reality for scores of millions of people across the country.

These living facilities require astute management aimed at protecting owners’ investments, which is often provided by community associations that perform a number of functions for property owners.

Those centrally include the enactment and enforcement of rules affecting all owners; the resolution of disputes among association members; the collection of fees and assessments; and maintenance and repair activities.

With such an ownership structure, myriad issues can arise that require knowledgeable input from a law firm commanding strong experience in working with community associations. Contracts and governing documents need to be drafted, reviewed and enforced. Disputes between associations and homeowners are an occasional inevitability. Foreclosure proceedings must sometimes be brought against non-performing residents.

And, of course, associations must be adequately protected in disputes with insurance companies, which can be many and wide ranging where multiple dwellings are concerned.

There are truly many factors in play that collectively influence a community association’s management and performance. Solid legal advice from a proven law firm can help to ensure that well-considered decisions are made regarding an association’s operation, management and governance.

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