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Fire damage: often at the heart of a property insurance claim

For obvious reasons, fire-related damage is a sobering concern for any owner of a home or commercial property.

Fire is a flatly destructive agent where dwellings and business properties are concerned. As we note on our website's Fire Damage page at Roeder Smith Jadin, PLLC, "a fire can swallow up and destroy a home or commercial property in just a matter of minutes."

Given that propensity for destruction, it is an imperative for property owners to have an insurance policy that protects against fire damage.

Our firm's attorneys know well the concerns that property owners have in the wake of a fire that damages a home or business. For all policyholders, an immediate concern focuses upon insurance coverage and how quickly and effectively an insurer will act to fulfill contractual obligations.

In an ideal situation, an insurance company will act with dispatch and in good faith to help an insured party deal with a fire-related loss. That often means the cutting of a check to defray the costs of destroyed property. For homeowners, it can also mean help paying for lost personal property, displacement-related costs and additional matters. For a business owner, it can mean compensation for lost profits and business interruption. For a farm owner, it can include financial assistance for damaged crops and injured or killed animals.

Unfortunately, not all insurers respond promptly and in good faith to a damage claim. As our website notes, some carriers "are often more concerned with saving money than [with] fully covering policyholders' losses by paying what a claim is worth."

Roeder Smith Jadin, PLLC, stands strongly with insured parties, helping to ensure that insurance companies honor their commitments and that they perform as contractually required.

We go about that work with pride and strong client empathy. We welcome readers' visits to our website and their close scrutiny of our firm.

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