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Insurance company tactics to avoid paying a rightful claim

Property insurance is supposed to pay the costs of repair after the property gets damaged. Knowing they are covered provides peace of mind for property owners. But when the time comes to make a claim, sometimes the insurance company you thought of as a protector lets you down.

The truth is, your insurance company is not your friend. It is a business, and like most other businesses, their primary concern is their bottom line. If the welfare of their customers happens to align with the insurance company’s profit motive, great. If not, the insurer will do what it can to avoid paying on a claim -- even when that claim is legitimate and covered by the policy.

One common tactic insurance companies take is to dispute how the property got damaged. Depending on the terms of the policy, not every form of damage a building or other piece of real estate can sustain may be covered. The insurance company might try to claim that your property was damaged by a non-covered event, despite what really happened.

Or the company might accuse you of fraud. For example, if your house is damaged in a fire, the insurance company may accuse you of arson, or of exaggerating the extent of your losses.

Having your claim denied can be very frustrating and frightening, but you may have legal options. An attorney with experience in insurance matters can take your case, examine the policy and the damage to your property. If necessary, you and your attorney can take your insurance company to court to get them to hold up their end of the bargain.

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