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RSJ Wins Another Denied Insurance Claim Case

RSJ attorneys Curt Roeder and Tim Johnson helped a Minnesota family get insurance coverage for a fire at their home after their insurance company wrongfully denied their claim.

In Zou v. American Modern Home Insurance Company, a family suffered a major fire at their home. The insurance company denied their claim because the insurance policy had a provision that required working smoke detectors in the home. After the fire department put out the fire, the fire inspector found several working smoke detectors at the home, but he also found that a few were disconnected. Even though the homeowners had many working smoke detectors, including one where the fire started, the insurance company refused to pay their claim. The insurance company denied their claim on the basis that any disconnected smoke detector in the home voided the policy.

RSJ took the case and it ended up in Minnesota Federal Court. RSJ argued that the policy exclusion violated Minnesota insurance law and deprived the homeowners of their right to coverage for their loss. The insurance company opposed and even made its own motion asking the Court to uphold its denial. Ultimately, the Court granted RSJ's motion in full and denied the insurance company's motion. The Court adopted RSJ's argument and found that the homeowners were entitled to coverage and that the insurance company's policy violated Minnesota law.

This case is yet another in the long line of cases where RSJ prevented an insurance company from taking advantage of its policyholder.

Read the Court's Order here:

20150218 Zou vs. American Modern Home Insurance.pdf

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