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April 2015 Archives

Does my homeowners insurance policy cover all personal property?

Major damage to your house can have implications beyond the structure itself. After all, a house is not a home without things like furniture, appliances, kitchen utensils and everything else we use to keep ourselves comfortable.

RSJ Notched Another Win

RSJ attorneys Curt Roeder and Tim Johnson notched another win for a Minnesota Homeowner's Association whose insurance company significantly undervalued its storm damage claim. 

Hail causes almost $1 billion in damage per year

We all know that tornadoes and thunderstorms are major causes of property damage in Minnesota, but let us not forget hail. Ice pellets falling from the sky causes nearly $1 billion in damage each year in the U.S., according to The Weather Channel. Spring is hail season, with atmospheric conditions ideal for creating this form of precipitation.

RSJ Wins Another Important Victory for Insurance Policyholders at the Minnesota Supreme Court

RSJ wins another important victory for insurance policyholders at the Minnesota Supreme Court in Meeker v. IDS Property Casualty Insurance Company. This case began when an insurance company refused to pay Mr. Meeker's claim. Mr. Meeker was unable to move the claim forward, and he sought the counsel of RSJ attorney Curt Roeder. The matter ended up in court, and IDS tried to get the case thrown out on a procedural technicality. IDS asked the court to dismiss the case based upon the date a single document was filed. The issue made its way through the Court of Appeals and to the Minnesota Supreme Court. Both Courts agreed with Curt Roeder's argument and ruled that the claim should not have been dismissed. Not only does this mean that Mr. Meeker will get the day in court to which he is entitled, but Curt also paved the way for future policyholders to avoid the same fate.

What should I do after my homeowner's insurance claim is denied?

So your homeowners’ insurance company has denied your claim. Perhaps it is the reason you are reading our blog right now. It is a frustrating and scary time, because you are likely wondering how you are going to pay for the repairs to your home.