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Could a public adjuster help during an insurance dispute?

After filing a homeowners insurance claim, it sometimes feels like you are facing off against the insurance company, and its adjusters and investigators, all by yourself. If you are not experienced in insurance matters, figuring out the total cost of your losses can seem confusing, but the insurance adjuster’s estimate may appear to be far too low.

One person who might be a good addition to the team is a public adjuster. Like the insurance adjuster, public adjusters examine the damage to a home and estimate how much the insured homeowner should receive under his or her policy. The difference is, public adjusters do not work for the insurance company. They work for the insured, with the goal of getting a fair settlement for their client.

As the Minnesota Department of Commerce explains, public adjusters help homeowners document their losses. They can represent the insured during negotiations with the insurance company adjuster.

As payment, public adjusters usually receive a percentage of the final settlement. However, sometimes this means that the homeowner must pay some of the public adjuster’s fee out of pocket, if the difference between the final settlement and the insurance company’s initial offer is not large enough to cover it.

Public adjusters are just one possible form of professional assistance available for homeowners. When the insurance company offers an unfair settlement or outright denies a legitimate claim, the homeowner might need the assistance of an attorney. A lawyer experienced in homeowners insurance disputes can be an invaluable teammate.

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