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House covered in sewage, but insurance claim denied

When a person’s house gets seriously damaged, it is often due to bad luck. A denied homeowner’s insurance claim can feel like misfortune piled on top of misfortune, but it may really be due to an insurance agent acting in bad faith.

We do not yet know if that is the case with an 89-year-old woman whose home was badly damaged by sewage. However, we do know that at this point, the woman will receive no insurance money to repair home after this disgusting incident.

According to KXAS-TV, the trouble began on Sept. 10, when sewage began coming out of the woman’s toilet, bathtub and other places. She called the city for help, and workers discovered that a trophy stuck in the sewer line had caused the sewage to back up into the woman’s house.

When the woman called Farmer’s Insurance, the company that insures her home, her claim was denied. In a letter, Farmer’s claimed that her homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover damage from sewage backups. The city’s insurer similarly denied a claim, because the damage was not caused “by any wrongful act, omission or negligence” on the city’s part. However, the city manager said that the city would like to “somehow help” pay for repairs.

Two weeks after the sewage stopping flowing, the 89-year-old’s home is still covered in the stuff. The cost of replacing the carpets, floorboards and sheet rock will reportedly be in the thousands.

Fortunately, homeowners who find themselves in similar situations do not have to take this lying down. With the help of an attorney, many people have gotten the insurance money they deserve.

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