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Some MN insurance companies won't insure homes with certain dogs

Your homeowner’s insurance policy may be affected by things you would not expect, including what pets you keep. In fact, just getting a policy may be difficult in Minnesota if certain breeds of dog are part of your family.

As KIMT-TV explains, many insurance companies outright refuse to insure homeowners who own pit bulls and similar breeds with a reputation for biting people. The companies fear having to deal with a lawsuit if a visitor is injured by an aggressive dog. So they simply are not interested in making this segment of dog owners their customers.

A Rochester couple that owns a pit bull shared their struggle to get their home insured with KIMT. While shopping for a homeowner’s policy, they happened to adopt a dog named Mika from a shelter. They believe Mika is a pit bull mix.

Suddenly, they found themselves having a hard time getting approved for a policy. One company even refused to offer them a rate quote after hearing about Mika.

Fortunately, the couple eventually found companies who were willing to do business. It is not clear, however, if they had to pay more than they expected, or if the terms of the policy changed as a result of Mika living at the home.

An anti-dog policy could lead to conflict with your insurance company, if you ever have to file a claim someday. To avoid surprises, it is a good idea to review your policy carefully. If you believe your claim was wrongfully denied, a conversation with an attorney could be a first step to getting the settlement you deserve.

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