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More things that your homeowners' insurance might not cover

Our previous post discussed the fact that even the most “comprehensive” homeowners’ insurance policy will not cover everything that can damage a house. Specifically, we talked about how most Minnesota homeowners’ policies will not cover flood damage.

Unfortunately, there are many other gaps in homeowners’ insurance coverage that Minnesotans may not be aware of, if they have not read their policy’s fine print. Here are some common sources of home damage that are nevertheless rarely covered by insurance, as provided by TIME Magazine:

  • Sewer backups. We gave an example of an insurance company declining a sewage damage claim back on Sept. 24. Similar to flooding, standard homeowners’ policies do not cover sewage backups.
  • Mold. Often the result of flooding or water seepage, many molds are health hazards, especially for kids and those with asthma. But sometimes, your insurance company will deny your mold-based claim, depending on the mold’s origin.
  • Earthquakes. Unlikely to be a major issue in Minnesota, earthquakes nevertheless can occur over a wide swath of the United States. Insurance companies offer earthquake insurance separately from homeowners’ insurance.
  • Termites. Again, termites are not a major problem in most of Minnesota. But readers with property in other states should be aware that their homeowners’ policy probably does not cover termite damage.

At this point, many homeowners are probably wondering what their policy actually does cover, and whether they will have trouble getting a fair settlement if they ever need to make a claim. Homeowners who are denied or lowballed on their claim have the right to fight back, with the help of an attorney.

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