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5 common reasons to file an insurance claim after Halloween

Halloween was nearly a week ago, and most of us have put away the costumes and spooky decorations, and are now looking forward to Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, some people must now deal with their homeowners’ insurance company because of an incident from Oct. 31.

Though Halloween is a fun holiday most of the time, it can involve property damage and personal injury that can be a serious problem for homeowners. CBS News recently shared a list of five common Halloween incidents for homeowners to watch out for next year:

1. Slips and falls. The combination of small children, flowing costumes, and possibly icy Minnesota autumns can lead to slip and fall accidents. Most homeowners’ insurance policies contain liability coverage, but make sure to keep the path to your front door clear of leaves, snow and other obstacles.

2. Dog bites. Even if your dog is not dangerous the rest of the year, groups of strangers coming up to the house can make dogs overexcited or scared, and lead to a biting incident. Remember that not every insurance company covers liability for dog bites, especially if you got the dog after signing the policy.

3. Vandalism. Halloween is bad night for teens going out to smash windows and commit other acts of vandalism. Significant vandalism damage is virtually always covered, and might cover damage to your car too.

4. Accidental fires. If a lit jack-o-lantern tips over, it may cause a house fire. Homeowners’ insurance covers many costs associated with fires, including repairs and living expenses, but not if the company believes the fire was due to negligence.

5. Gravestone theft. Even though your deceased loved ones are not buried on your property, if thieves steal their headstones, the theft may be covered under your homeowners’ insurance.

We hope all of our readers enjoyed a safe and fun Halloween. But anyone who needs to file a homeowners’ insurance claim, or is dealing with a denied or lowballed claim, may wish to speak to an attorney experienced in this area of the law.

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