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December 2015 Archives

How can I get my dog included on my homeowners' insurance policy?

Readers may remember our Sept. 11 blog post, which was about homeowners’ insurance and dogs. As we said then, many insurance policies do not cover any injuries caused by certain breeds of dogs, such as pit bulls.

Insurance company says damaged home was 'vacated,' cancels policy

Most homeowners’ insurance policies have a clause that allows the insurer to cancel coverage if it considers the home to have been vacated by the owner for a certain period of time. This may come up most often when the homeowner is moving to a new home and temporarily owns the old home as well. If the old home gets damaged, the insurance company may try to claim that it is not responsible for paying for repairs.

Getting the best value on homeowners' insurance

Homeowners’ insurance is one of those things you hopefully will never use, but need to own. That does not mean you can’t shop around to get the best possible deal, one that balances the homeowner’s need for a comprehensive policy with the desire for reasonable premiums.