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Protecting your home after a Minnesota blizzard

So far, this winter has been quite mild by Minneapolis standards. Sure, there is snow on the ground and the temps have been below freezing for several weeks now, but we have yet to experience a blizzard or major winter storm. Of course, winter is not over yet, and there is a good chance a storm will come along and dump a foot or more of snow on the Twin Cities metro area in the next few weeks.

Local homeowners know that their insurance covers blizzard damage. But they should check their policy to make sure their loss limits are high enough to pay for major repairs, and how the policy covers loss of use and the contents of their home.

The next time a major snowstorm is bearing down, homeowners can take steps to limit the risk of damage to their property and personal safety, as explained by CBS News:

  • Remove excess snow from your eaves using a roof rake. This prevents ice dams from forming on the roof, which can cause leaks.
  • Also clear snow from your outside vents, such as your furnace’s vent.
  • Shovel the snow from around your doorways to keep the home accessible.
  • If the power goes out, keep windows and doors shut and close the flue in the fireplace to trap heat inside as much as possible.
  • Keep emergency supplies available. Make sure you have food, water, batteries and blankets in case you are trapped inside for a while.

If you ever file a homeowners’ insurance claim, only to have it denied, having an attorney help with your appeal can make all the difference.

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