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March 2016 Archives

RSJ Wins Another Important Federal Case

RSJ attorneys Curt Roeder and Tim Johnson helped another homeowner recover against an insurance company who refused to pay under the terms of its policy.  In the case of Herll v. Auto-Owners Insurance.pdf, the insurance company first refused to pay for a covered loss.  Then, it forced its policyholders to go to an insurance appraisal to value the loss, but refused to pay part of the binding appraisal award.   RSJ stepped in and the insurance company demanded the case be heard in Federal Court.   The insurance company brought a motion to prohibit the homeowner from recovering under the policy, but the Court agreed with RSJ and ordered the insurance company to (1) pay the entire appraisal award; (2) pay interest on top of the award; and (3) pay the homeowners' costs for having to go to Court.