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What causes house fires?

A house fire is one of the scariest catastrophes that can happen to a family home. Not only can a fire badly damage, even completely destroy a house, it can kill those trapped inside.

Fires start in many different ways, according to the National Fire Protection Association. The group’s website groups the most common sources of fires into 10 categories:

1. Appliances and equipment, including stoves, ovens, heating elements and laundry machines.

2. Candles

3. Chemicals and gases

4. Electrical

5. Fireworks

6. Holiday decorations, such as Christmas trees.

7. Household products like bedding and upholstered furniture can spread fires.

8. Lightning strikes

9. Smoking materials

  1. Arson and juvenile firesetting

Different causes are more prevalent at different times of the year. For instance, the vast majority of house fires caused by a Christmas tree occur in December and January, according to NFPA data. And though home heating fires happen every month of the year, they are more likely to occur between December and March. Meanwhile, lightning strikes are much more likely to spark fires in the summer, when thunderstorms happen more frequently in the U.S.

When a home catches fire, the most important thing is to make sure everyone inside gets out safely. Later, it will be time to make a homeowners insurance claim. Hopefully, everything goes smoothly and the homeowners get the money to which they are entitled. Unfortunately, sometimes the insurance company will try to deny your claim, or offer an unreasonable settlement. That is where a homeowners insurance attorney comes in to advocate on the homeowners’ behalf and obtain a just result.

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