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April 2016 Archives

RSJ Helps Another Homeowner Overcome An Undervalued Claim

RSJ attorneys Alexander Jadin and Tim Johnson helped another homeowner recover against an insurance company who refused to pay under the terms of its policy. In the case of Kaltenhauser v. American Family.pdf, the insurance company first refused to pay for a covered loss. Then, it forced its policyholders to go to an insurance appraisal to value the loss. After the appraisal panel confirmed that the insurance company undervalued the claim by over six figures, the insurance company still refused to pay the claim. RSJ brought legal action against the insurance company in Court where the judge ordered the insurance company to (1) pay the entire appraisal award; (2) pay interest on top of the award; and (3) issued an order that the insurance company's matching limitation is not applicable.

Homeowner cites 1 policy clause, insurance company cites another

Often, a homeowner’s dispute with his or her insurance company can come down to a battle of clauses within the policy. Today, we will discuss a case from outside of Minnesota that illustrates what can happen when the insurance company uses one clause in the policy to deny another.