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June 2016 Archives

Alligator attack is the kind of case to fight

Lawsuits in this county involving personal injury and property damage are to a large degree driven by insurance coverage. If a potentially responsible party who caused harm or injury to an individual has no insurance, suing them may be pointless. While you may obtain a judgment in your favor, they may have no assets from which they could pay the judgment.

Homeowners face unknowns with foundation failures

There are few issues that become more emotional that those that touch on your home. All of the sentimental and emotional clichés exist for a reason. When people live in a dwelling for a long time, they accumulate a great deal of memories and feelings that are associated with that structure.

RSJ Notched Another Win

RSJ attorney Tim Johnson notched another win for a Minnesota Homeowner's Association whose insurance company significantly undervalued its storm damage claim.