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Minnesota in the top 10 for best places in America for homeowners

There can be a lot of joy and fulfillment to being a homeowner. Owning a home though is not devoid of challenges. There are many difficult things a person could end up having to deal with as a result of owning a home.

How challenging being a homeowner is is impacted by a range of factors. Among these things is where the home a person owns is located. States can vary quite a bit in how homeowner-friendly the conditions in them are. According to a recent report, Minnesota is currently among the most homeowner-friendly states in the country.

The report used nine factors covering a range of different things that can impact homeowners (including homeowners insurance costs) to determine where the different states stand when it comes to how good the conditions in them are for homeowners. Minnesota was in the top 10 for most homeowner-friendly states in the report, being given the No. 7 spot. As a note, this No. 7 ranking is a worse ranking than what the state had received in the previous year’s report.

In your opinion, what are some of the most homeowner-friendly aspects of Minnesota?

Now, while Minnesota has aspects that can make it a pretty good place to be a homeowner as compared to other states, this certainly does not mean that homeowners in the state face no difficulties. Among the problems that can come up for Minnesota homeowners are insurance-related problems.

There are many matters related to homeowners insurance that can have big impacts for homeowners. One is what happens when they file claims on their policy. There are many different types of events a homeowner may end up filing a homeowners insurance claim after, including a burglary, fire, storm or structural failure. Sometimes, homeowners encounter problems with a claim, such as their insurer undervaluing the claim or denying it. Such problems can be a major source of frustration and worry for a homeowner. Experienced Minnesota insurance lawyers can advise homeowners in the state who are facing such problems on their situation and work with them to help find the right approach for tackling the problem.

Source: CBS News, “The best states for homeowners in 2016,” Amanda Dixon, July 22, 2016

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