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Homeowners insurance issues after a loved one’s death

The loss of a loved one is always a difficult thing. While it can be a time when a person doesn’t want to have to deal with anything other than coping with the emotions of the event, there can be a lot of important issues that can come before a person in connection to a loved one’s death that it is very important to address. This can particularly be the case if their loved one left a home to them.

Among the critical issues that can come up in connection to inheriting a home are issues regarding homeowners’ insurance. One issue that could arise is a claims issue, if an event occurs after having inherited the home (such as a storm or fire) which causes damage necessitating a claim. Sometimes, when making a homeowners insurance claim, a person experiences difficulties and challenges in getting their claim approved at a fair amount. As with other types of property, when a person encounters insurance claims difficulties in relation to a home they inherited from a loved one, they may want the advice of an experienced insurance lawyer.

Another issue that could come up is the possibility of a person, inadvertently, letting a home they inherited fall out of being insured. Things that could lead to this include failing to pay premiums, failing to get a new policy when the current one expires or certain actions or failures to act by the person resulting in the insurer canceling the policy.

When a home a person inherited ends up uninsured, it could put the person in a very vulnerable position if something were to happen to the home. So, this situation is one a person may very much want to avoid. Some examples of steps a person can take when they have inherited a home to try to prevent the home from falling uninsured include:

  • Promptly getting in touch with the insurer.
  • Promptly updating the policy’s information.
  • Keeping the property properly cared for.
  • Keeping up with premium payments.
  • Getting accurate information on when the current policy expires and what it covers.
  • Researching what new policy would be the best fit to replace the current one when it expires.

Source: Consumer Reports, “If You Inherit a Home, Call the Insurance Company,” Sharon Riley, July 9, 2016

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