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September 2016 Archives

Insurance claim denied?

Few experiences of owning a home are more frustrating than having an insurance claim on your homeowner's policy denied. It is likely that your home either suffered some form of external damage from weather, such as hail or wind damage. Maybe there was some other problem, such as a grease fire in your kitchen or your water damage from the water hoses on your washing machine hoses failing while you were away from your home.

Complete your inventory before a disaster

This year, Minnesota has escaped summer without any large-scale tornados. A few twisters have touched down in parts of the state, including one that recently damaged buildings on Camp Ripley in the central section of the state, but there have been no significant tornados on the upper end of the Enhanced Fujita Scale, which is used to measure wind velocity and destructive power of these storms.

Are you ready for a 1000-year flood?

The news has been full of recent disaster stories from across the country. Terrific rainfall amounts in Louisiana resulted in staggering amounts of flooding. One location received more rain in four days than Los Angeles has received in the last 55 months. Within the last month, torrential rain caused flooding in Maryland, Ohio, Iowa, Illinois and Missouri just to name a few locations.