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December 2016 Archives

Do you have the right insurance coverage?

For most people in Minnesota, their home is the largest single asset. It is also their home where they live. Having it damaged or destroyed is unlike most other experiences they will ever have and so many people have difficulty choosing an insurance policy that will provide the coverage they will need.

Does my Insurance Policy Cover Repairs Required by the Building Code?

Homeowners whose properties have been damaged by a storm, fire or other catastrophe often ask whether their insurance policies cover repairs and upgrades required by Minnesota State Building Code. The answer to this question is almost always "yes."

Exercise care this holiday season

In the Twin Cities, December is dark. The sun sets around 4:30 PM most of the month and if there is thick overcast, by 3:00 PM, streetlights may be coming on in many places. So the bright lights of Christmas and other holiday displays can make things a little less dark and grim.