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Always check with your insurer first

Insurance policies are designed to protect specific risks under specific circumstances. This is why the policy to protect your home or business may run for many, many pages in length. The insurance company is describing what they are protecting, they types of loss protected and when they will pay. Most people have little experience deciphering these documents and rely on their insurance agent to find the policy that provides the coverage they believe they need.

This means that if you have insurance for one item, you may not have it if some small element of your circumstance changes. If you have coverage for your home in Minnesota, you may not realize that most homeowner's or flood policies do not cover water intrusion from issues like a sewer backing up through a basement floor drain. fortunately, most never suffer this problem and it never becomes the source of an insurance dispute.

But sometimes the issue may be less clear. A farmer in Iowa saw that cover crops could be inter-seeded with his corn early in the season. The USDA Risk Management Agency had changed its recommendations on the timing of cover crop planting in 2014, but apparently, the farmer's crop insurance policy did not reflect this change.

They threatened to void his coverage. While he did plant the cover crop early, the insurer required supervised "quality" checks during the growing season. He suffered no loss, and so did not have to make claim, but the experience points out that being ahead of the curve when it comes to your insurance policy can be unpleasant.

This is why you should always check with your insurance policy and insurer if you are doing something that could affect the terms of the agreement. If necessary, it may be better to formally alter the policy if the change will be permanent. It can save a great deal of time and stress and avoid litigating a coverage dispute should a claim be needed.

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