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March 2017 Archives

Lender-placed insurance may be risky for consumers

In some ways, insurance is like taxes. Most of us would prefer not to have to carry coverage or fork over hard-earned income to government, whether it's to Bloomington, Hennepin County or the state. That's not the way Minnesota law works, however. Certain insurance policies and tax payments are required. It's not just for the protection of individuals, but also for the good of the society generally.

RSJ Enforces Homeowners Appraisal Rights Despite Insurance Companies Objection

RSJ attorney Alexander Jadin helped another homeowner compel an insurance company to participate in the appraisal process pursuant to the terms of its policy.   In the case of Rudd v. Chubb, the insurance company refused to go to appraisal to resolve the cause and amount of the loss. 

Minnesota Common Interest Ownership Act (MCIOA)

The Minnesota Common Interest Ownership Act (Minnesota Statute § 515B), commonly referred to as MCIOA, is a Minnesota state law that governs the operation of condominium associations and other common interest communities. MCIOA provides legal authority to address issues that frequently affect common interest communities.

Is your home exposed to environmental risks?

When you have a home, you know you have to insure it to protect it from the usual risks. There is always a chance that you could have a fire or that a wind or hail storm could strike and damage your property. In some areas, including Minnesota, at certain times of the year, there is the risk of a tornado or even potential for flooding. And your homeowner's policy also probably includes some level of protection for personal liability, such as would be needed in the case of someone being injured on your premises.