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April 2017 Archives

Insurers like delays

For an insurance company, delays are always good. Especially when they already have your money. Which they do. If you fail to pay a premium on time, they can cancel your policy and refuse to pay any claims made after they claim your policy was no longer in place. However, if you have a loss, they can delay payment for months or years, often for invalid or illegal reasons. 

Dues Acceleration - Demystifying the When, How, and Why

One of the common issues Minnesota Homeowner's Associations face is what to do with the homeowner who refuses to pay their dues. The Association has many tools to deal with this type of situation - one of which is the option to accelerate annual dues. This means that instead of having 12 equal installments of monthly dues, all installments for the fiscal year would be combined and deemed immediately due as a lump sum. This practice, when applied correctly, helps protect the Association's bottom line and encourages payment. Acceleration, however, is only authorized in certain specific situations. This article is a guide to understanding whether your association has the legal authority to accelerate dues and the proper steps to doing so successfully.

Are you sure you know what your insurance covers?

We all know that language changes over time. Sometimes the meaning of a word expands. Sometimes it contracts. The word "dog" is an example. It's a term that applies to any breed of the canine variety. But there was a time when "hound" was the preferred word and "dog" was used in reference to a particularly big, fierce animal.