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Kanye West seeks payment from concert insurer

When consumers sign an insurance contract, they may not understand the concept of “good faith and fair dealing” but they know that the insurer is supposed to provide benefits in their time of need. This covenant applies in every insurance contract regardless of whether the consumer is a college student buying their first car, or a rap mogul worth millions of dollars.

The rap mogul from this example is Kanye West, who purchased a policy through Lloyd’s of London to cover expenses in the event he was not able to complete his Life of Pablo tour last year. According to several media reports, West has filed suit against the insurer because it has yet to pay benefits stemming from the policy. 

West’s legal team claims that Lloyd’s is acting in bad faith, and that it has not given any explanation for the delay in payment, despite West undergoing an independent medical examination and adhering to a number of investigative requests. Further, West’s lawyers believe that Lloyd’s was responsible for leaking a number of unflattering stories about the rapper to the media in the hopes of showing that his alleged marijuana use led to his tour being cancelled, which could relieve Lloyd’s of its obligations under the contract.

Kanye West’s 2016 tour was not without controversy, although he performed in more than two dozen shows without incident. However, West was hospitalized for eight days after two shows in San Jose and Sacramento, respectively, featured bizarre ramblings in the middle of each show.

Nevertheless, the story is an example of why experienced legal counsel is essential in insurance bad faith cases. 

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