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January 2014 Archives

Denied claims, need for counsel: who do insurers really protect?

Business owners in Minnesota and throughout the country understand fully well the need to properly insure their investments against risks and liabilities. They view the costs associated with insurance outlays as fundamentally necessary for their enterprises, and the money they pay insurers is made in good-faith reliance that those entities will duly honor their contractual obligations when lawfully called upon to do so.

Insurance company called to task, settles bad-faith claim

An insurance case from Pennsylvania is broadly relevant in Minnesota and throughout the rest of the county for highlighting the behavior that insurance companies sometimes engage in when they face litigation and claims for payment.

Promoting policyholders' best interests in an insurance dispute

It behooves any policyholder in Minnesota or elsewhere to fully understand what the phrase "best interests" means where insurance companies are concerned. Not fully appreciating insurance realities can lead to dire financial challenges for some paying consumers, if not outright heartbreak.