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Promoting policyholders' best interests in an insurance dispute

It behooves any policyholder in Minnesota or elsewhere to fully understand what the phrase "best interests" means where insurance companies are concerned. Not fully appreciating insurance realities can lead to dire financial challenges for some paying consumers, if not outright heartbreak.

In short, every policyholder is well served by knowing that the desired bottom line for any insurer is an outcome that profits the company and not the individual paying on a policy.

That is not to say, of course, that insurance companies routinely seek to impede lawful recoveries through misclassification of claims, stalling tactics, accusations of fraud by a consumer or other strategies geared toward non-payment. Many insurers have positive and longstanding tenures that are centrally marked by salutary customer service and prompt claim payouts.

Not all, though. In fact, most people have either personally been on the receiving end of what they reasonably consider to be bad faith on the part of an insurer or know someone who has struggled in a claim collection.

In truth, challenged and denied claims are commonplace in the insurance industry, with millions of duly paying insured parties having to jump hurdles and often overcome severe challenges to receive compensation to which they are legally entitled.

A recent media article underscores that difficulty and the regularity with which insurers deny claims. It reports that an independent review of insurers' conduct in California found that, in 24 cases denied by an insurance company in that state, not a single denial was merited. In a review of another insurer's conduct, only one of 36 cases was deemed a legitimate denial.

Such facts spotlight the difficulties that many policyholders have when it comes time for the company they are paying to honor its legal commitments.

Put another way: Fair dealing by an insurance company, coupled by timely and full payment on a claim, is far more likely when an insured party secures the assistance of an experienced insurance recovery firm with a proven record of protecting policyholders' rights.

Source:, "Vulnerable groups being wrongly denied disability claims," Heidi Turner, Jan. 1, 2013

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