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Midwesterners can empathize with Texas residents in wake of storm

Many of our readers in Minnesota and throughout the Midwest can likely identify and commiserate with residents of North Texas and what they are dealing with in the aftermath of a major storm system that ripped through that area last week.

Reports concerning the storm's triple threat -- thunderstorms, softball-sized hail and tornadoes -- stress that extensive property damage occurred across a 100-mile swath of destruction. Insurance companies face an estimated $300 million in damage claims for insured losses covering approximately 12,000 homes and 24,000 vehicles, as well as other personal property.

The focus of insured parties -- whether they are homeowners, business proprietors, employees needing their cars for daily transportation or students and families that have had furnishing and other possessions destroyed -- is uniformly the same: In exchange for their compliance with insurance contract duties, chiefly timely payment of all premiums, they want -- and rightfully expect -- insurers to promptly step up and fairly settle the legitimate claims placed before them.

As we have noted in past select posts, and as media stories routinely confirm, getting fair and quick service from an insurer in the wake of an incident that damages insured property can be problematic.

In fact, insurers can be stubbornly resistant about paying claims, with court filings across the country alleging bad faith on their part underscoring the disconnect that can occur when an insured party files a claim.

The role of an experienced insurance recovery attorney is to ensure that a claimant is treated fairly by an insurer following a covered loss. A lawyer that regularly represents clients with property losses owing to storm, wind, fire, hail or other damages knows effective strategies to protect policyholders' rights and to make insurers lawfully perform their contractual duties.

Any person who is confronting an insurance company that is denying or unfairly valuing a legitimate claim has strong recourse when facing such conduct. A proven legal advocate can help ensure a just outcome.

Source: Fort Worth Star Telegram, "Hailstorm caused an estimated $300 million in damage," Steve Campbell, April 10, 2014

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