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You've suffered a property loss: What do you do now?

It’s probably likely that many people in Minnesota, throughout the Midwest and nationally are somewhat ambivalent about the insurance coverage they possess that contractually covers against loss to their property in the event of a storm or other damage-causing incident.

That is understandable. Candidly, most people spend far more on insurance premiums during their lives than they ever recoup in compensation for suffered losses.

And thus, just for a second or two, it can seem logical for even the most reasonable of people to lament the fact that they spend considerable amounts of money for years and never get anything back.

Of course, the reality is that policyholders generally don’t ever want to see any cash coming back, because that means that something bad has happened.

When such is the case, though, all those premiums paid for years seem well worth the expense when a conscientious insurer responds to a property loss in the manner that it is contractually and ethically required of it.

As noted in a recent media article discussing the fallout from severe weather, a policyholder can -- and should -- take purposeful steps to move the insurance process along following property damage.

That seems obvious, and most savvy property owners know that. Taking reasonable action to prevent further damage is important. Contacting the insurer as soon as possible is a must. Dusting that policy off and noting all the material details is an imperative.

In a high number of cases, so, too, is eventually turning to a seasoned lawyer with in-depth experience in insurance recovery matters, given the frequency in which property owners face resistance from their insurers following a claim for loss.

As regrettable as it may be, it is an incontrovertible fact that insurers play the game of claim denial or delay in many cases. That tactic virtually requires any policyholder who wants to see prompt and lawful contract performance to secure the strong assistance of an attorney with a proven track record in successfully dealing with recalcitrant insurance companies.

An aggressive claims denial and coverage dispute attorney can fully promote a policyholder’s legal interests and help secure an insurer’s mandated performance following a property loss.

Source: WHNT 19 News, "Taking action: filing an insurance claim after the storm," Megan Hayes, May 1, 2014

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