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How do I proceed following a denied insurance claim?

A leading global organization of certified accountants provides online information and guidance concerning a number of business-related topics.

One of those relates to insurance disputes, centrally the challenge that faces many consumers when they are confronted with a denied claim that they feel is unjustified.

For many residents in Minnesota and elsewhere across the Midwest, that outcome is far from singular following property damage and a claim for reimbursement.

Many consumers are flatly perplexed by an insurer's claim rejection, especially when they have made timely policy payments and a loss is clearly covered in one or more policy provisions.

What can optimally be done in such a case? How can a denied policyholder best proceed to resolve a dispute efficiently?

In many instances, and absent a clear showing of bad faith, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPI) suggests that a reasonable start might be made by simply placing a phone call to a local agent handling the policy.

If that action doesn't bring relief, a direct written contact -- supported by relevant documentation -- to a company manager might bring a positive result.

Then again, it might be unavailing. If that is the case, a frustrated policyholder can of course begin contacting state government offices and business groups, such as the Better Business Bureau.

In some cases, unfortunately, none of those strategies avail against a recalcitrant and non-performing insurer.

What often does, unsurprisingly, is direct contact from an experienced insurance recovery attorney. This course of action is endorsed by the AICPA in instances where an insurer is flatly resisting attempts to act responsibly and perform in a contractually mandated manner.

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