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When construction defects threaten your Minnesota home or business

For eminently understandable reasons, Minnesota home and business owners take great pride in and rely upon the presentation and structural integrity of the premises they occupy.

That is almost a truism, given the central role that property ownership has historically played in the United States. People work hard to save for the properties they purchase and eventually own. In tandem with that, they take all reasonable steps to ensure that those properties are structurally sound, safe and otherwise fully effective for their intended purposes.

Additionally, that means protecting them from wide-ranging damage sources, such as fire, water intrusion, hail storms, lightning strikes and other harm.

Unfortunately, some premises are saddled with inherent defects that are tied intimately to defective construction. Perhaps a contractor performed contractual tasks without gaining requisite approval from local or state authorities. Perhaps building code requirements were purposefully skirted and unidentifiable to a home or business owner making reasonable efforts to supervise a contractor.

Many things can go wrong during construction that are not immediately observable and that only manifest themselves months or years following a project's completion. Property owners suddenly confronted with defects can find themselves squared off against builders and other contractors who seek to deny or delay their claims.

Our law firm helps individuals and businesses victimized by construction defects, providing knowledgeable and aggressive legal representation aimed at fully protecting the rights of property owners.

When a construction business makes promises and induces the good-faith reliance of a homeowner or business company, it should never be allowed to retreat from such assurances by producing substandard work.

Our firm fights aggressively to ensure that defective work is remedied and that the rights of individuals and companies who have suffered harm are fully protected. Our website's Construction Defect Litigation practice page contains relevant information concerning the strong advocacy we bring to bear on behalf of our clients. We invite readers' scrutiny of our practice.

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