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With winter rolling in, a property check-up might be a good idea

Remember last winter?

If you’re a Minnesota resident or live elsewhere in the Midwest, it’s a fair bet that you darned well do and that you even slipped the term “polar vortex” into casual conversation once or twice.

That is, when you weren’t shivering so much that your mouth wouldn’t move.

There’s no way to sugarcoat what occurred throughout the Midwest over an extended period from late last year until spring arrived, well, unseasonably late this year.

In a nutshell: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and neighboring states -- in fact, states all across the country -- were shell-shocked by cold weather that some forecasters termed unprecedented in scope.

It was flat-out cold, and nearly everywhere. A news release authored by a national insurance organization estimates that insured losses from storms that occurred across the country last winter totaled nearly $2 billion, an amount that was dramatically up from the estimated $38 million in losses from 2012.

Here’s a question: Could the winter of 2014-15 bring more bone-rattling cold akin to what millions of Americans experienced last year?

And here’s an answer: Several forecasting outlets say that it can. The headline in the above-cited news release leads off with the words, “Wild Winter for 2015.”

That means that it’s probably a good idea to get your ducks in a row. Translated to a weather scenario, that means making a timely property inspection to ensure that all home-related essentials -- heating, pipes, roof, insulation and so forth -- are up to the task of dealing with what’s coming.

And while you’re doing that, you might want to review -- that means really understand -- all the essential details of your property insurance policy.

That isn’t always easy to do and, unfortunately, not all insurers play fair when property damage is suffered and an insured party brings a claim.

An experienced insurance recovery law firm can help any homeowner review all relevant terms, conditions and coverages, as well as provide knowledgeable and aggressive representation in the event that an insurer balks at doing the right thing.

Here’s hoping all those it’s-gonna-be-bad prognosticators are wrong this year.

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