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Homeowners: Those warranties of yours bring rights, protections

David versus Goliath.

That -- or a similar scenario -- is what undoubtedly comes to mind for many homeowners in Minnesota when they consider a construction defect on their property and wonder how to contest it.

On one side of the dispute is, of course, the frustrated, irate and deeply concerned owner of the premises -- whether that be a home dwelling or commercial property. Staring across the abyss is a construction company or, perhaps, a large-scale insurer.

How can a single individual prevail in a dispute with foes that command outsized power and resources?

Level the playing field.

And, while you’re doing so, fully appreciate with confidence that those homeowner warranties you’ve got stuck away somewhere command real clout.

Minnesota does not condone builders -- including subcontractors -- and insurance companies paying lip service to warranties that protect homeowners against construction coupled with flat refusal to honor them.

And a proven warranty claims law firm can ensure that they comply with their legal duties to act promptly and responsibly to remedy property-related problems that are covered under warranty.

We note on our website at Roeder Smith Jadin, PLLC, that “Minnesota property owners have rights,” and we are firmly committed to advocating on behalf of all our clients to ensure that those rights are recognized and fully enforced.

That starts with a complete understanding of the warranties applicable to residential premises and commercial structures. And it centrally encompasses the ability and willingness to aggressively confront wrongdoers seeking to shield themselves against legal liability for shoddy work product.

Our attorneys command on-point experience representing builders and insurers, which we believe lends us close and relevant insight into how they anticipate and defend against claims.

We bring that experience centrally to bear on behalf of our residential and business clients to help ensure that the protections they rightfully rely upon are in fact fully in place when they need help.

We welcome your online visit of our firm and scrutiny of our attorneys’ experience and qualifications.

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