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What are ice dams, and why are they a problem for homeowners?

It certainly seems to be an appropriate time to raise the topic of ice dams and to discuss their potential implications for homeowners in Minnesota and throughout the rest of the Midwest.

If you are perchance a resident of sunny climes outside the snow belt, you likely have no clue what a snow dam is or why mere reference to one can cause distress to a homeowner who is well accustomed to arctic blasts and sub-zero cold in the winter.

Again, that brings us back to Minnesota and, pointedly, to this question:

Why does it seem a yearly recurrence in winter on one or several occasions to see homeowners by the thousands either raking snow off their roofs or standing atop their homes shoveling -- in some instances -- tons of snow onto the ground below?

Enter the ice dam. That is one central reason, notes the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety in an online overview of ice dam formation and resulting problems, and here’s why: Ice dam damage commences with snow on roofs, and removing the source of the problem obviously removes the potential for property damage.

Ice dams can generally be traced back to attics that are not well insulated and ventilated. When such is the case, warm air escapes into the roof. Snow on the roof sitting atop warmer portions of the roof owing to those attic deficiencies melts and then refreezes as it reaches the roof’s edge, forming ice dams.

To some people, the sight might seem attractive. To homeowners, it is a sure eye sore and a frightful feature, bringing the risk of both roof damage and leakage back into a home’s attic.

Although damage from Ice dams is often covered in a homeowner’s insurance policy, blowback from insurers is not a rare response. A policy holder having problems collecting on a legitimate claim might reasonably want to consult with a proven insurance recovery attorney commanding extensive experience representing homeowners in insurance-related matters.

Ice dams are no fun. There is no reason for compounded misery owing to a non-performing insurance company.

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