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Winter can be harsh for property in community associations

During the cold Minnesota winter, nature can produce a variety of concerns for property managers and boards of directors of community associations. Maintaining property and providing repairs are vital concerns for those who have decision making authority over community associations.

In October, we discussed the benefits of conducting a property review could provide to Minnesota homeowners. The cold weather arrived in full-force a short-time later in Minnesota, and we all know that colder weather is likely as we move through January and February.

Maintenance at community associations is an ongoing process. Properly clearing snow and ice, and ensuring that heating systems are well-maintained are only the beginning of the list of issues that many management companies and community boards of directors should have on their radar.

Winter in Minnesota is notorious for creating hazards that may affect property. External ice damage to a large property can create more than just a headache for an association. Slippery conditions on public walkways, in parking lots and along public stretches of pavement under the control of an association can bring liability issues.

If problems arise related to an insurance policy, a seasoned insurance recovery law firm can provide legal counsel, guidance and advocacy in getting back on track. Often, clearing roads, parking lots and sidewalks are tasks that are contemplated in contractual language with vendors.

If problems related to ice and snow begin to present themselves when the harsh Minnesota winter unleashes its wrath, it may be necessary to address contractual issues. A seasoned lawyer familiar with the issues that condominium, townhome and cooperative associations face can be a valuable resource.

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