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Denied Insurance Claims Archives

Minnesota couple fights insurance claim denial

Insurance is one of the requirements for a safe, secure home. Property and the buildings on it are often the main investment that an owner or family has at their disposal, and proper coverage in case of damage or theft help make sure this investment does not lose value due to accidents or crime.

Kanye West seeks payment from concert insurer

When consumers sign an insurance contract, they may not understand the concept of “good faith and fair dealing” but they know that the insurer is supposed to provide benefits in their time of need. This covenant applies in every insurance contract regardless of whether the consumer is a college student buying their first car, or a rap mogul worth millions of dollars.

Material Matching

The summer of 2017 has been filled with severe weather storms across Minnesota.  Thousands of homes have been affected by hail and wind damage.  For those with homeowners insurance policies, one of the most common issues is whether the policy provides coverage for "matching" the existing material (like siding, roofing, windows, etc.) when repairing the storm damage.  For example, whether an insurance company can replace broken pieces of white siding with yellow siding. 

RSJ Enforces Homeowners Appraisal Rights Despite Insurance Companies Objection

RSJ attorney Alexander Jadin helped another homeowner compel an insurance company to participate in the appraisal process pursuant to the terms of its policy.   In the case of Rudd v. Chubb, the insurance company refused to go to appraisal to resolve the cause and amount of the loss. 

Denials of coverage may be grounds for litigation

Many insurance policyholders in Minnesota have had the unfortunate experience of having claims denied or payments delayed in times of great need. Insurance companies are businesses that are often more concerned with their own best interests than in protecting those who hold policies with them. It is not uncommon for some insurance agencies to try to get out of paying the full compensation to which a policyholder may be entitled.  Denials of coverage and other issues are often difficult to resolve without outside intervention.

Beware spoliation of important insurance information

When you have an insurance claim, no matter how simple or straightforward it appears, begin to document and collect every communication you have with the insurance company, and make an over-inclusive documentation of everything relevant to your claim. If you had a fire, a tree that blew onto your roof or water damage from heavy rain, take photos and video as soon as it is safe after the event.

Insurance claim denied?

Few experiences of owning a home are more frustrating than having an insurance claim on your homeowner's policy denied. It is likely that your home either suffered some form of external damage from weather, such as hail or wind damage. Maybe there was some other problem, such as a grease fire in your kitchen or your water damage from the water hoses on your washing machine hoses failing while you were away from your home.

Homeowners face unknowns with foundation failures

There are few issues that become more emotional that those that touch on your home. All of the sentimental and emotional clichés exist for a reason. When people live in a dwelling for a long time, they accumulate a great deal of memories and feelings that are associated with that structure.