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Insurance Law Archives

RSJ Notches ANOTHER Victory for Minnesota Policyholders at the Minnesota Supreme Court

Attorneys Alex Jadin, Tony Smith, and Tim Johnson won another case before the Minnesota Supreme Court in the matter of Poehler v. Cincinnati Insurance Company. This case involved whether a policyholder could recover interest on an insurance appraisal award when an insurance company undervalues a claim.

Material Matching

The summer of 2017 has been filled with severe weather storms across Minnesota.  Thousands of homes have been affected by hail and wind damage.  For those with homeowners insurance policies, one of the most common issues is whether the policy provides coverage for "matching" the existing material (like siding, roofing, windows, etc.) when repairing the storm damage.  For example, whether an insurance company can replace broken pieces of white siding with yellow siding. 

Is your insurance policy your maintenance policy?

Some homeowners view their insurance policy as a sort of maintenance policy that they can rely on for making major home repairs. When their roof begins to age, they hope for a hailstorm to strike their Minnesota home and allow them to make a claim on their insurance policy.

Act of God?

Insurance law is full of potential problems for the unwary. Contracts for insurance can be many pages long and how many homeowners sit down and carefully read the documents the insurance company is mandated to send every year? Nonetheless, it is that document that controls the terms and conditions of your insurance and being familiar with its language is a good idea for every homeowner.

Insurers like delays

For an insurance company, delays are always good. Especially when they already have your money. Which they do. If you fail to pay a premium on time, they can cancel your policy and refuse to pay any claims made after they claim your policy was no longer in place. However, if you have a loss, they can delay payment for months or years, often for invalid or illegal reasons. 

RSJ Enforces Homeowners Appraisal Rights Despite Insurance Companies Objection

RSJ attorney Alexander Jadin helped another homeowner compel an insurance company to participate in the appraisal process pursuant to the terms of its policy.   In the case of Rudd v. Chubb, the insurance company refused to go to appraisal to resolve the cause and amount of the loss. 

Don't Get Burned by a Fire Insurance Claim

Most of us don't spend a lot of time thinking about what we would do if our homes catch fire. And even fewer of us consider what we would do if our insurance companies denied our insurance claim for such a loss. But these things happen all the time. This article outlines steps that a home or business owner should take be in the best possible position to get the highest quality of service from your insurance company.

Always check with your insurer first

Insurance policies are designed to protect specific risks under specific circumstances. This is why the policy to protect your home or business may run for many, many pages in length. The insurance company is describing what they are protecting, they types of loss protected and when they will pay. Most people have little experience deciphering these documents and rely on their insurance agent to find the policy that provides the coverage they believe they need.