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Property Insurance Issues Archives

Elements of property insurance claims in Minnesota

When it happens, it feels like nothing will ever be the same. Homeowners and other building owners dread the idea that an event beyond their control could damage or destroy their property. Investments, businesses and personal possessions are all at stake in a disaster.

Are you really covered by your homeowners policy?

When you own a home, you have a great many expenses. Insurance, while necessary, is not much fun. If you have no claims, you may feel as if you are wasting money, since there is no return on your investment. With all of your other expenses, you may want to place the minimum you would potentially need to replace your home in a worst case scenario.

Volatile weather increases risk to manufactured homes

Arguments continue on whether climate change is human-caused or just a natural variation in Earth's climate. Insurance companies appear to take the issues somewhat more seriously than do politicians because when severe weather spawns massive hailstorms, tornados, windstorms and torrential rain for a given location, they receive the bill for the damage suffered by their numerous customers.

Are you sure you know what your insurance covers?

We all know that language changes over time. Sometimes the meaning of a word expands. Sometimes it contracts. The word "dog" is an example. It's a term that applies to any breed of the canine variety. But there was a time when "hound" was the preferred word and "dog" was used in reference to a particularly big, fierce animal.

Lender-placed insurance may be risky for consumers

In some ways, insurance is like taxes. Most of us would prefer not to have to carry coverage or fork over hard-earned income to government, whether it's to Bloomington, Hennepin County or the state. That's not the way Minnesota law works, however. Certain insurance policies and tax payments are required. It's not just for the protection of individuals, but also for the good of the society generally.

RSJ Enforces Homeowners Appraisal Rights Despite Insurance Companies Objection

RSJ attorney Alexander Jadin helped another homeowner compel an insurance company to participate in the appraisal process pursuant to the terms of its policy.   In the case of Rudd v. Chubb, the insurance company refused to go to appraisal to resolve the cause and amount of the loss. 

Is your home exposed to environmental risks?

When you have a home, you know you have to insure it to protect it from the usual risks. There is always a chance that you could have a fire or that a wind or hail storm could strike and damage your property. In some areas, including Minnesota, at certain times of the year, there is the risk of a tornado or even potential for flooding. And your homeowner's policy also probably includes some level of protection for personal liability, such as would be needed in the case of someone being injured on your premises.